The Carbon Negatives

Carbon and coke contamination in petroleum and petrochemical platinum group metal (PGM) bearing catalysts sent for reclaim has tripled in the last five years.

It has created an extreme backlog for reclaimers around the world, as they must significantly reduce or eliminate carbon/coke in order to determine the actual PGM contents.

This leaves an untold number of PGM ounces trapped in inventories for weeks on end and leads to many negative implications for clients and markets. In particular, this rising contamination is causing longer delivery times for final precious metals return, higher leasing rates, and lower availability of high purity metal.

To find out more about this critical issue and see how your company can avoid these problems and become part of the solution, please watch our video
The Carbon Negatives

Precious Metals 101

From ancient religious relics to modern jewelry, and from colonial riches to Safe Haven investment products and industrial applications, precious metals continue to play an important role in human civilization.


Use of precious metals

A growing percentage of consumer products and catalytic production streams are using precious metals. As a result, industries are improving the quality of our human lives through cutting-edge technologies. For instance, in medicines and world health, energy production and pollution control the many advancements are evident over the last few years.

Sabin Metal Corporation provides recycling and refining services to industries. For example, oil refining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, electronics, automotive and many more.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran with many years of turn-around experience or someone working on your first precious metals catalyst change-out, having a clear understanding of best practices will help you get things done on time, every time and right the first time. We saw the need, so we created the Precious Metals 101 Learning Center (PM101)

Within these PM101 pages, we have tried to anticipate the essential questions, but we would welcome your input on improving. In conclusion, leel free to contact us anytime with suggestions, new questions for this feature or additional information through our Contact Page.