Sabin Metal Corporation is a member of the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI). IPMI was founded in 1976, as a collaborative effort of research professors from a wide collection of prestigious University’s; Cornell, NYU, Columbia, Brooklyn Polytechnic, MIT and others.

The IPMI’s mission is to collect, archive & share substantive, definitive and factual information regarding literally all aspects of the precious metals. Sabin Metal Corporation has been a strong supporter and member of the institute since 1980, and we remain very active in the organization today. Numerous Sabin employees have served, and continue to serve, as Directors, Presidents and Chairmen.

The IPMI Awards Program at the annual conference pays tribute to the individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of precious metals. Additionally, the IPMI student grants awarded each year encourage young people to look to precious metals as a career choice and support vital educational and research programs. The IPMI awards up to USD$150,000 to qualified students each year. Sabin has sponsored this program since 2007. Beginning 2014, the Sabin Metal Graduate Student Award was renamed after Andy Sabin’s dedicated employee and friend Ron Bleggi, senior vice president of Sabin Metal Corporation from 1987 to his passing in 2013.

Past winners of the IPMI Sabin Metal Ron Bleggi Award include:

2019 – Jingshan Du, Northwestern University

2018 – Hanah Na, University of Houston

2017 – Zhenshu Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2016 – David Primer, University of Pennsylvania

2015 – Matthew O’Brien, Northwestern University

2014 – Minh Nguyen, University of Pennsylvania

2013 – Graham De Ruiter, Weizmann Institute of Science

2012 – Colleen Alexander, Syracuse University

2011 – Robert MacFarlane, Northwestern University

2010 – Thomas Teets, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2009 – Elisa Alonso, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2008 – Timothy Cook, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2007 – Rohnn Sanderson, University of New Mexico