To compliment Sabin’s “Best in Class” sampling services we also have a fully equipped, state of the art analytical laboratory that ensures fast, accurate results on the precious metal content of your material. Several factors give our laboratory the edge over most commercial and industrial laboratories:

Sabin’s experience and expertise

  • Precious metals analysis on secondary materials is our main focus. From spent catalysts to electronics to plating solutions, we have seen it all and tailored our analytical methods specifically to each material type
  • Most other laboratories precious metals in secondary material make up a small percentage of their sample load
  • We employ a highly trained and experienced staff of BSc, MSc and PhD chemists and scientists with over 100 years of combined experience in precious metals analysis
  • Few laboratories require or possess this level of training

Sabin’s time-tested methodology and instrumentation

  • Fire Assay, the proven industry standard for precious metal analysis, is our main method of analysis
  • Many other laboratories do not utilize fire assay as their main method. Rather, they rely on wet chemistry alone or other methods that are not as robust
  • Meticulous laboratory sub-sampling is performed on all powder samples to ensure the final assay sample is completely representative of the bulk material
  • We equip and maintain the latest top of the line instrumentation in the form of ICP, Atomic Absorption and X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy


Sabin maintains a rigorous Quality Program

  • Multiple analytical techniques are utilized on each sample such as fire assay, wet, instrumental and gravimetric methods to confirm and validate our results
  • To ensure our techniques, methodology and instrumentation are performing to spec we employ a bank of Quality Assurance Reference Samples that are run alongside customer samples on a per lot basis and monitored daily
  • We participate in several Interlaboratory Comparison Exercises annually
  • We hold Good Delivery Accreditation from the London Platinum & Palladium Market
  • We have a history of successful client quality audits and customers are always welcome to schedule an on-site visit or audit of our laboratory and operations