Fuel Cell Catalysts

Sabin recovers precious metals from spent fuel cell catalysts

Fuel Cell Catalysts - sabin metal corporation

Sabin offers rapid turnaround processing of platinum, ruthenium, palladium and other precious metals from spent fuel cell catalysts

Sabin keeps the fuel cell revolution turning…

fuel cell catalysts - sabin metal corporation

  • PEM anode/cathode catalysts
  • Fuel processing catalysts
  • Production scrap…
  • Process by-products…
  • Other catalyst components incorporating PGMs
  • Lower production/processing costs, enhanced profits
  • Accurate, thorough sampling maximizes recoverable metals
  • In-plant pre-burning capability for one-stop, single source processing 
  • Total environmental compliance assures peace of mind
  • State-of-the-art laboratory for accurate and precise analysis
  • Compliance with U.S. and international anti-money laundering & anti-corruption regulations.
  • Over seven decades of responsible—and responsive—service to customers