Hansen named new administrator at Sabin Metal Corp., 2011

Robert A. Hansen has been appointed to an administrative post at Sabin Metal Corp., East Hampton, NY refiner of precious metals from a variety of industry sources. His responsibilities in this position will include direct liaison between customers, the company’s recovery and refining processing facilities, its global technical sales and service facilities, and Sabin President Andrew A. Sabin.

Hansen has spent his entire professional career at Sabin Metal. He joined the company’s Commodities division in 1983, working on the Commodities Exchange trading floor for Sabin’s precious metals trading organization. In 1986 Hansen became a member and registered floor broker at COMEX. In that position he represented Sabin’s clients and was also responsible for executing gold and silver futures orders in addition to proprietary trading.

Hansen has also served as a member of the COMEX Floor Committee; his responsibilities there included maintaining orderly open outcry markets in gold futures. In 2001 he was appointed manager of COMEX precious metals futures trading operations. Hansen is a 20-year member of the COMEX settlement committee, where his responsibilities included determining daily closing values for gold and silver futures contracts extending five years forward. He was graduated from Stony Brook University (New York) with a B.S. degree in Biology, and is married and the father of three children.