Andy has served on the MD Anderson Cancer Center Board of Visitors since 2005. He devotes much of his time and energy to advocating on a national level for increased cancer research funding.

Andy and his family foundation committed $30 million to establish an endowment funding the Andrew Sabin Family Fellowship Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center in late 2015. Designed to encourage creative, independent thinking and high-risk, high-impact research, the program supports the novel work of world-class cancer researchers in four categories: basic science, clinical, physician-scientist and population and quantitative science. 

“I wanted to provide a vehicle so that highly qualified researchers at the world’s premier cancer center can focus on important work that can truly help people who suffer from cancer,” said Andy. “This fellowship program will be at MD Anderson in perpetuity. I hope one of the fellows comes up with a cure. It would make me very proud to know that this gift made a difference.”