A Second Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), 2013

Sabin Metal Corp., East Hampton NY has added a second electric arc furnace (EAF) and baghouse at its Williston ND precious metals recovery and refining processing plant (Sabin Metal West Corp.). The addition of the second EAF doubles the company’s capacity to process spent precious metal-bearing hydrocarbon/petrochemical catalysts. The new EAF uses Sabin’s exclusive Pyro-Re® technology to recover maximum possible remaining precious metals from spent process catalysts, including rhenium, another high value precious metal. The baghouse incorporates sophisticated, state-of-the-art filtration systems that enable the company to recover particulates of precious metals that would otherwise be lost in the atmosphere, while also assuring compliance with appropriate pollution abatement standards. Sabin Metal recovers and refines precious metals including platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, rhenium, gold, silver, and others from a variety of industrial sources.

Sabin News Baghouse

Hydrocarbon and petroleum processing catalysts are processed at Sabin Metal West using a variety of methods depending upon materials. Dual electric arc furnaces double pyrometallurgical processing throughput to help assure maximum recovery of remaining PGMs in spent catalysts–including rhenium.



According to the announcement from Brad Cook, General Manager of Sales, the additional electric arc furnace will not only provide higher throughput rates and fast, efficient processing, and it also enhances the company’s ability to recover high levels of rhenium from those spent catalysts. Pyrometallurgical processing of spent precious metals-bearing catalysts typically captures a higher percentage of remaining rhenium vs. more commonly used hydrometallurgical recovery technology.

Sabin News Baghouse

Baghouses and other pollution control systems such as this at Sabin Metal West represent state-of-the-art air filtration technology—including recovery of precious metal particulates prior to atmospheric discharge. Many other advanced filtration systems at Sabin prevent the discharge of noxious, toxic, or annoying fumes or odors.




The Sabin Metal Group of Companies is the largest domestically owned, independent precious metals refining organization in North America. The company’s recovery/refining facilities and sales/service offices are located in strategic countries around the world. Cook also said that the company is expanding its sales/service offices overseas. In its seventh decade of working with a worldwide customer base, the company is known for its added value services and stringent anti-pollution methods as an environmentally responsible precious metals refiner.