October 27, 2014

Kevin Beirne, Precious metals industryKevin M. Beirne, vice president/director of sales and marketing, Sabin Metal Corp.
Kevin has been in the precious metals industry for over four decades. In addition to his sales and marketing background, Beirne has managed analytical, instrumentation, and fire assay laboratories as well as precious metals refining and manufacturing organizations. Kevin has attended Fairleigh Dickinson University and also completed many specialty courses for instrument analysis and marketing. He has also been a member of the American Electroplater Society (AES), Investment Recovery Association (IRA), and is past president of the International Precious Metal Institute (IPMI).

01/ What interests you most about the oil and gas industry?
The advances made in the oil and gas industry with regard to maximising use of raw feedstocks and developing new and useful products and processes.

02/ What was your first job?
I was a supermarket checkout cashier while paying my way through college.

03/ How has shale impacted the catalyst industry?
With fracking for oil and gas, I believe the US will become virtually independent of imported oil in the near future; in fact, I would call it an energy renaissance for America.

04/ Which industry event does Sabin attend?
We attend and exhibit at: International Precious Metal Institute, APLA South American Petroleum, Informex, Specialty Agro Chem America, ISRL, ANNA, AFPM, CPHI, the mining industry, surface finishing, and other relevant events.

05/ Where is your favorite place to holiday?
Any challenging golf course.

06/ What’s in the Sabin pipeline at the moment?
We are constantly adding new equipment (a second electric arc furnace and baghouse at our Williston refining facility), and Sabin is expanding with new refining sales/services offices in many countries overseas.

07/ Where do you see Sabin in 10 years?
We intend for Sabin Metal to be the largest precious metals refiner in the world over the next decade.

08/ Does Sabin have plans to celebrate its 70th anniversary next year?
Yes, next year will be our 70th anniversary and we certainly plan to mark it with a number of special events.

09/ Who would play you in a film of your life?
George Clooney.

10/ Has Sabin embraced the social media phenomenon?
Sabin Metal has just introduced its new website with links to all appropriate social media.

11/ What’s your biggest business achievement?
Being a part of the growth of Sabin Metal over the past quarter century from a regional refiner to the largest precious metals refiner in North America.

12/ What do you think is next for oil and gas?
We see a clear trend with regard to countries and global regions that currently produce oil and gas related products. We believe the US will become a net exporter of natural gas, once the infrastructure is established; I wouldn’t be surprised if we export our natural gas to some Latin American and eastern European countries in the future.

13/ Why?
As the demographics change, we see more hydrocarbon refiners moving quickly into other areas such as petrochemicals and chemicals, particularly in the Mideast, India and Russia.

14/ What’s your favorite restaurant?
The Office Lounge in Toms River, New Jersey.

15/ Do you have any advice for graduates looking to enter the oil and gas industry?
With rapid advances in hydrocarbon/petrochem processing, and new reserves being discovered around the world, there are lots of opportunities in many different areas from exploration through development of new technology, processes and products.