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How to select a precious metals refiner

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To insure that your relationship with a precious metals refiner will be mutually profitable and based upon trust and fair treatment, you must address several key questions.

Perhaps this checklist will help:

  • FAQS – Select a refiner that uses state-of-the-art techniques and equipment

  • Select a refiner that has a long and successful history and good reputation within the industry

  • Discuss the refiner’s performance and policies with their customers

  • Request appropriate reference material


    including environmental regulation documentation

  • Determine whether the refiner has the financial resources to pay you in a timely manner

  • Select a refiner that has full in-house capabilities – without use of outside sub-contractors which might affect your returns in values and timeliness

  • Ask your refiner for detailed weight and analysis reports on your shipment

  • Ask your refiner if sample materials are assayed in triplicate

  • Ask your refiner if you are allowed to be present during sampling of your materials – and whether you can conduct your own independent analysis if desired