Seven decades of precious metals refining with response and responsibility

Environmental Protection

Sabin’s recovery and refining methods help protect our environment—and your financial interests

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection - sabin metal corporationOur environmental protection and conservation policies are vital for our future,and for your peace of mind

  • Compliance with environmental regulations
    is critical for safe—and legal—recovering
    and refining of precious metals
  • Baghouses and other pollution control systems such as these at Sabin’s Scottsville facility and Sabin Metal West represent state-of-the-art air filtration technology—including recovery of precious metal particulates prior to atmospheric discharge. Many other advanced filtration systems at Sabin prevent the discharge of noxious, toxic, or annoying fumes or odors.
  • Environmental Protection - sabin metal corporationProcess water treatment procedures minimize all causes of pollution
  • We provide full documentation for solids, liquids, and gaseous by-products disposal and for regulatory compliance procedures

When selecting a precious metals refiner, you must consider legal implications associated with its processing procedures to determine that the refiner does not violate any applicable environmental protection law or regulation. Regulatory agencies throughout the world not only hold a precious metals refiner responsible for proper treatment and/or disposal of harmful discharges, but their users and owners are responsible as well; therefore, it is critical that your refiner does not violate applicable laws or regulations.

With regard to protecting our environment and your financial interests as well, Sabin Metal is unique among refiners. Our environmental protection and conservation policies are vital for our continued success and for your protection. Our knowledge of (and ability to comply with) the constantly changing maze of international environmental regulations is a key part of The Sabin Difference in recovering and refining your precious metals.